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Since 1998, Erchonia Corporation and Rodrigo Neira M.D. have conducted research on adipocytes and continue to achieve groundbreaking results in this field. The fact that both the Erchonia laser used and the application technique itself are patented, is a testament to our dedication to research both at the cellular and clinical levels. Erchonia Corporation met Dr. Neira in 1998 at an Anti Aging seminar.  At that time, Dr. Neira spoke very little English and Erchonia spoke zero Spanish. A dialogue interpreted through his wife Clara Ortiez, M.D. and his brother-in-law began, forming a unique and dynamic partnership from these two unlikely sources.

Dr Neira while working with Erchonia Corporation began publishing the study results, the first of which was presented in 2000 at the World Congress on Liposuction. His research on SEM, TEM, and MRI was groundbreaking, showing cell activity here-to-fore unseen. Once the results were published, the abuse started for not only Corporation but also Dr. Neira. The so-called geniuses’ laughed; stating, “that a low powered laser could never penetrate through the dermis, let alone emulsify the fat below the skin.” Several more publications in the Plastic Surgery Journal, The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery journal followed, but there were still many skeptics. Dr. Neira even proved through abdominal on T-1 and T-2 sequences that the Erchonia laser could have an effect on deep fat, but the skeptics kept up their rhetoric.

Even after the millions of dollars spent on clinical and cell research and the peer review of the results, the skepticism increased. Erchonia Corporation, after seeing its friends Rodrigo and Clara take abuse from their peers, decided that they were not going to stand by without a fight. In 2002, Erchonia Corporation decided it would prove the results to the most skeptical and toughest group in the world, The FDA.

Erchonia Corporation met with the board of The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and asked them if they would provide clinical sites for the study. The Academy members wanted to prove for themselves that the laser actually worked. The AACS decided that they wanted to do a study lazing 1 side of the patient and not the other. During the study the AACS discovered what they called a “systemic effect,” meaning by lazing 1 side of the body, the laser also affected the other side. The AACS published these results. This obviously was not the best way to do a study and Erchonia Corporation along with its regulatory agent designed a study and met with the FDA on what it would require to get an indication for liposuction through the FDA. The FDA provided comments, the comments were incorporated, the study was submitted to an IRB for approval, and the study was completed. The FDA granted the market clearance in 2004.

Many thanks go to Susan Lim, M.D. from Singapore who presented research that was almost identical to Dr. Neira’s, and expanded upon his findings through cryo SEM, etc. We would also like to thank Arturo Ramirez, M.D. a Plastic Surgeon from Monterey, Mexico who presented his research using cells from an abdominalplasty and through time based microscopy, proving that 90% of the human fat was emulsified after 12 minutes.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Neira, his wife, and their research team for the years of dedicated and innovative research and also for their unwavering belief in Erchonia Corporation and low-level laser technology. However, their greatest strength, in our opinion, was their perseverance through the many years of abuse, doubt, and recrimination, inflicted by the self-promoted so-called geniuses in their profession. Even after Dr. Neira and Erchonia Corporation spent millions of dollars conducting the studies and after having the resulting research verified by three outside independent sources, these naysayers, still refuse to give him the credit he so richly deserves.

Erchonia Corporation would also like to give a special thanks to the following: Robert Jackson, M.D., who although was very skeptical at first, gave the Erchonia laser a try and to this day is one of the greatest advocates of Laser Liposuction™. Doug Dedo, M.D., who was the first person in the US to do low-level laser liposuction and mentions the Erchonia laser to everybody he comes in contact with. Greg Roche,M.D. who's dedication to the laser and research is greatly appreciated. Ed Lack, M.D., who because of his initial skepticism, helped Erchonia Corporation provide some great science. Please take the time to go through this amazing research.


Low-Level Laser-Assisted Liposuction: A 2004 Clinical Study of its Effectiveness for Enhancing Ease of Liposuction Procedures and and Facilitating the Recovery Process for Patients Undergoing Thigh, Hip, and Stomach Contouring

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Low-Level Laser-Assisted Liposuction

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**This article shows lasers effect on fat cells.